All stream donations will be matched 200% and go towards Stop AAPI Hate and the AAJC.

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Corduroy Jacket - Burnt Orange CORDUROY JACKET Burnt Orange Sold Out
Farmer's Market Hoodie - Lavender FARMER'S MARKET HOODIE Lavender Sold Out
Farmer's Market Tee - Cream FARMER'S MARKET TEE Cream Sold Out
Farmer's Market Tee - Lavender FARMER'S MARKET TEE Lavender Sold Out
Logo Hoodie - Pigment Green LOGO HOODIE Pigment Green Sold Out
Logo Hoodie - Pigment Blue LOGO HOODIE Pigment Blue $72.00
Logo Hoodie - Pigment Maroon LOGO HOODIE Pigment Maroon Sold Out
Logo Sweatpants - Pigment Green LOGO SWEATPANTS Pigment Green Sold Out
Logo Sweatpants - Pigment Blue LOGO SWEATPANTS Pigment Blue Sold Out
Logo Sweatpants - Pigment Maroon LOGO SWEATPANTS Pigment Maroon Sold Out
Locally Grown Tee - Black LOCALLY GROWN TEE Black Sold Out
Locally Grown Tote Bag - Natural LOCALLY GROWN TOTE BAG Natural Sold Out
Carrots Sweater - Heather Grey CARROTS SWEATER Heather Grey Sold Out
Carrots Tee - White CARROTS TEE White $30.00
Carrots Tee - Forest Green CARROTS TEE Forest Green $30.00
Green Acre Logo Tee - Navy GREEN ACRE LOGO TEE Navy Sold Out
Green Acre Logo Tee - Green GREEN ACRE LOGO TEE Green Sold Out
Give Your Flowers Sweater - Dusty Pink GIVE YOUR FLOWERS SWEATER Dusty Pink Sold Out
Logo Hoodie - Heather Grey LOGO HOODIE Heather Grey $72.00
Logo Hoodie - Sand LOGO HOODIE Sand Sold Out
Logo Tee - Sand LOGO TEE Sand Sold Out
Logo Shorts - Sand LOGO SHORTS Sand $30.00
Sprout Plush SPROUT PLUSH Sold Out
Sprout Corduroy Cap - Black/Black SPROUT CORDUROY CAP Black/Black $30.00
Sprout Corduroy Cap - Black/Taupe SPROUT CORDUROY CAP Black/Taupe $30.00
Sprout Corduroy Cap - Olive/Taupe SPROUT CORDUROY CAP Olive/Taupe $30.00
Sprout Corduroy Cap - Navy Blue/Taupe SPROUT CORDUROY CAP Navy Blue/Taupe $30.00
Sprout Rugby Shirt - Green/Black SPROUT RUGBY SHIRT Green/Black $48.00
Sprout Rugby Shirt - Navy Blue/Tan SPROUT RUGBY SHIRT Navy Blue/Tan $48.00
Sprout Hoodie - Green SPROUT HOODIE Green $72.00
Sprout Hoodie - Navy Blue SPROUT HOODIE Navy Blue $72.00
Growing Pains Tee - Forest Green GROWING PAINS TEE Forest Green Sold Out
Growing Pains Tee - Black GROWING PAINS TEE Black Sold Out
Green Acre Stripe Tee - Gray/Black/Red GREEN ACRE STRIPE TEE Gray/Black/Red $30.00


Simply Made Studio SIMPLY MADE STUDIO San Francisco jewelry brand dedicated to high-quality, handmade goods
MACARONS BY NATALIE MACARONS BY NATALIE The Bay Area's premier macaron and dessert experience
13GALLONS 13GALLONS Screen printing shop focused on helping brands bring ideas to fruition
TACOS SINCERO TACOS SINCERO Chino-Latino Taco Pop Up and Catering Company based in Oakland, CA
HANOI CHICKEN NOODLE HANOI CHICKEN NOODLE Sixteen hour low simmer chicken soup made from the heart
CAM HUONG BAKERY CAM HUONG BAKERY Fresh Vietnamese sandwiches, Vietnamese coffee and Chinese pastries.
BENTOS & BOWLS BENTOS & BOWLS Feel-good Korean Comfort food out of Oakland, CA. Order Now!
GOURMAND KITCHEN GOURMAND KITCHEN Imaginative food for people who seek culinary inspiration
Orange Moon Floral ORANGE MOON FLORAL A romantic, fun & colorful floral design studio in Oakland, CA
BEAUTY METHOD CO. BEAUTY METHOD CO. Using the best of us to show the world the best of you
4TH QUARTER FILMS 4TH QUARTER FILMS A diverse collection of various art mediums
MADISON RIESE MADISON RIESE multidisciplinary artist and DJ specializing in graphic and tattoo design and textile art


With our final collection, we wanted to plan a Farmer’s Market featuring a ton of friends and talented folks we’ve met along the way. Given the circumstances, we decided to plan a fully virtual event on our website that still accomplishes what we originally envisioned this event to be, including live music, art, vendors, and food. We have an amazing lineup of talented performers and creatives, a marketplace featuring some of the best small businesses in the Bay, and of course the release of the Locally Grown collection. The Green Acre team has been working hard on this event the past couple of months, and we're hella excited to share this virtual experience with you all.

Lastly, it’s been heartbreaking seeing the rise of attacks and hate crimes towards the AAPI community, and we wanted to do what we could as a brand with a mostly Asian-American team. With our Farmer’s Market virtual event this weekend, proceeds from the stream + collection sales will be matched 200% and donated towards Stop AAPI Hate & the AAJC. There’s always gonna be more to do aside from donations, but we hope this helps with the ongoing efforts from these 2 groups. Stay safe!