Los Angeles, CA

My name is Victoria Park and I’m an Asian-American actress living in LA. Though I am a Korean-American, my upbringing was more so American than anything else. Like many other young adults, when I went to college, I started to venture into different topics in an attempt to figure out what it was that I truly wanted to do. I ended up in a film class and quickly realized that this was it— I have always been drawn to pictures and films and how one could tell a story through a visual aspect, so it finally hit me that I wanted to dive into a career in this field.

Thankfully, my father was extremely supportive and encouraging when I told him that I have decided to move to Los Angeles. I sort of moved to LA on a whim, without any set plans or connections. I was told it was a bit of a crazy plan from some friends, but I had my mind set. I packed up my car, drove across the country, and the rest is history.

This specific place I found myself in kind of found me, instead of the other way around. Working in this field offered me many opportunities but I would always consciously turn down Asian specific roles. I don’t think the way I look or the color of my skin should limit the story I can tell or the experience or the character I can play.

I am grateful that I started my acting career now because I am able to get many roles that people of my ethnicity in the past probably couldn’t get. Just because I am Asian-American doesn’t mean I can only tell one story.

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