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Established a year ago in 2017, Move Set Records is a music label that aims to bridge genres and styles through produced releases, live shows, and a range of art, media, and apparel. The core of Move Set relies on imaginative creativity, communal collaboration, and good music. We met up with Co-Founder of Move Set, Darren to speak about what Move Set has been up to this past year along with our collaboration.

As a label of producers/DJs and a management group of creators, Move Set Records is in its very early stages of releasing music across R&B, hip hop, house, and electronic dance music. Like any great festival, playlist, or radio station, Move Set’s ambition is to introduce listeners and future collaborators to how limitless music can be with open minds.

As a creative agency willing to take chances, Move Set’s definition of “movement” can take the shape of anything that can be imagined. The team’s producers have DJ’d shows with inspiring labels and groups like Soulection, Brownies & Lemonade, HW&W, Roche Musique, and Fool’s Gold being on the same bill as producers like Sam Gellaitry, Tokimonsta, What So Not, Ekali, Esta, and Sango. The label also held a radio series introducing upcoming guest producers/DJs outside of the label to showcase their talent. The team’s begun to form an open format collaborative environment for various producers, DJs, designers, and creatives in and outside the label to continuously build on their craft.

With music as a driving force to bring others together, the team keeps giving back to the community in mind whenever possible through benefit shows promoting awareness around voter registration, immigration, and mental health. Move Set is grateful to have a platform and constantly hopes to use it for good.

Through hardworking musicians, communal teamwork, and full support for imagination, Move Set hopes to create a cultural legacy with and for all.

Sunday marks the our first merch line release with Green Acre.

This collab’s important to us as Green Acre’s been a friend from the very start when Move Set was simply just an idea. Green Acre’s vision of positive growth and building through community was something naturally part of our DNA making this collab so meaningful to us.

In July, we were fortunate to provide the soundtrack to their 2-Year Anniversary Pop Up Shop and this Sunday we join forces again to bring you this special merch release.

We started working closely together in the past year, where Move Set Records provided the soundtrack to our 2 Year Anniversary Pop Up Shop. Green Acre and Move Set shares many goals, one of which is to bring people together and to build a community. With that in mind, we worked together on a small collaboration of items in our upcoming release.

Look out for the Green Acre x Move Set Records collaboration, available online October 28th on our shop.

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Giving Back

Green Acre is working together with local non-profit organizations that empower the youth in discovering their passions and creating lifelong memories.

A portion of all your purchases of Green Acre products will be donated to these organizations to help underprivileged youth create their own stories in life.


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