Bay Area, CA

Everybody has that special place that they go to or that certain thing that they do to escape the daily stresses of life. For me, that special place is a state of mind where I get lost in my music craft. Music is the best way to express myself and convey whatever it is I’m feeling at the moment. I can take that feeling and turn it into something physical that other people can feel too. It’s also a way that I can tell a story, whether it’s with or without words. Storytelling is probably my favorite aspect when it comes to rap music, so I definitely use my music to try and tell a story that other people can appreciate.

My story started off with my older brother playing rap music around me as I grew up. My earliest memory of this is watching the music video for Pac’s “California Love.” I can’t really explain why I loved rap music so much, I just knew that I wanted to learn more and do research on my own. I started to DJ at a few house parties and soon after started writing verses. The Wu-Tang Clan had a huge influence on me and the way that I rap. I wanted to keep growing as an artist, not because I wanted to show off, but because I wanted to be as talented as my idols.

I eventually started making beats, which completely took over my passion for music. There was something about producing music and digging for samples that brought me way more satisfaction than anything else. I would stay up all night trying to figure out how some of my favorite instrumentals were made, some of which blew my mind. J Dilla stood out to me the most out of all the producers that I admired. The way he made his beats were extremely complicated, but you wouldn’t be able to tell with the finished product.


To this day I am still, I am still comparing myself to my idols and striving to improve myself so that I can leave an impact on music the same way that they did.

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