New York City, NY

Born and raised in Oakland, California, I was never pessimistic towards what was “different” in the world. The desire to propel with cosmetology came at an early age for me. My cousin, who was a cosmetologist, was the one who introduced me to makeup when I was just a middle school student. It wasn’t until my senior year of high school where I began to really dive into pursuing my makeup career. I started freelancing at 18 years old; I would take any clients that would come my way and that I could get my hands on— and the rest was history.

This isn’t simply a hobby of mine, it all boils down to passion. My passion is being able to inspire others in ways that’ll spark ideas and show that the possibilities for creating are endless. Aside from creating beauty tutorials on YouTube, makeup enables me the privilege of beautifying someone and seeing their excitement at the results. The satisfaction of their reaction is perhaps the biggest gift of all.

With everything you do, you’re always going to need people in your life to support your goals and give you a sense of encouragement. My biggest supporters are from the massive makeup community on Instagram and Youtube. It’s amazing what social media can do for you whether it’s having doors opened to you from various successful brands, meeting other beauty influencers, or developing a support system. My biggest struggle was finding my own category or specialty and sticking with it. I believe that when you’re working on your career, you have to be laser-focused on one particular aspect so that you’re putting everything into it. — “Monomaniacal focus on a single goal is perhaps the ultimate success stratagem. When you’re able to focus on a single goal, constantly, your achievements reach their theoretical limit.”

When you’re passionate about your career, monumental achievements definitely hit home for you; they are moments throughout your progression that you can never forget. My favorite memory of this journey starts back when I used to post nothing but close up pictures of my eye makeup with my iPhone 4. On one random Monday morning, I received an email from Anastasia Beverly Hills telling me how their team loved what I was doing, and would be happy to send me some of their products. At this time, I had less than 10k followers, and the thought of a well-known brand that was that big noticing me and my work seemed impossible at the time. This truly drove my inspiration higher than ever. I try to always encourage all of my supporters to keep pushing toward their goals because someone out there is always rooting for them whether they see it or not. As cliche as it sounds, if you love what you’re doing, you won’t have to work a day in your life. I believe everyone should get that opportunity. You just have to find what you love doing and do it!

In the future, I’d love to grow my Youtube channel as big as I can with the hopes that I will inspire many people along the way. I want people to see that it’s more than just putting on makeup and that the possibilities are endless in terms of what you can do with it. I’d also love to visit my homeland one day and do what I do on Youtube in person, for all of the aspiring artists out there because in the end, it is all about where your roots, where you came from, and your journey. If you blend a talent of yours with something you’re also truly passionate about, the potential is limitless. My passion is something that leaves me with the most rewarding feeling, and that’s definitely something that I am grateful for.

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