Los Angeles, CA

My name is Jordan and photography is my craft of choice.

My hobby turned passion started with going to school for photography after a year of general studies. At the time, photography was something I pursued just to get a “degree” in something. I actually dropped out after my first semester since I was already familiar with most of the Adobe programs and often left classes early anyway. During school, I also had two jobs so I didn’t have much time to finish assignments; they were always rushed and really not my best work, but even then, my professor pulled me aside one day and asked me, “How long have you been doing photography for?” My answer was that it was on and off since high school, and he told me, “Seems like you’ve been doing it for years, you really have an eye for it”.

After that, I dropped out, saved up, and moved back to LA to pursue photography. I got to LA with pretty much nothing, just a dream and a couple grand in my pocket. The money went quickly because everyone knows, it’s LA and ain’t nothing cheap here. Been history ever since. It’s been a rough road but I don’t regret a thing.

I have a lot of favorite memories throughout my journey, but my all-time favorite would have to be when I got the call where I found out I was going on my first tour. That was a huge goal of mine for a while and to actually reach it was seriously incredible.

My first major tour has been the DAMN Tour with Kendrick Lamar and DRAM. I do have some more that are currently in the works, but I can’t really speak about them just yet since they are still up in the air. What I’ve learned from this particular experience is that, like anything else, tour life does get repetitive, but at the same time it challenges you to view and capture things from a different angle, which is refreshing. This experience was something I’ll never forget and I’ve learned so much from being able to participate in it.

I landed the opportunity to be a part of the DAMN tour from a friend, who is like my sensei in the industry, and is the creative director for @lvrngram, who manages artist like DRAM, 6lack and few others. He’s always believed in the kid and has helped me beyond words to get where I am today. I’m not really sure what my dream tour would be, but I would definitely like to host my own event in LA that is a showcase of some sort, to bring all the people I’ve met along the way together.

Like anybody else, I’ve had a lot of struggles in life, but I believe there’s never a struggle big enough that you can’t overcome. If I had to name my most memorable one, I would have to say my biggest obstacle was a time I was nearly homeless after leaving a bad relationship, working a shitty job, and believing I couldn’t make it with photography. Self-doubt can be one of the biggest downers, but luckily I had people in my life to help and push me to believe in myself and my craft. And it has honestly been uphill ever since, all within the last year and a half.

I’ve learned that if you believe in something, stand by it. Even if that’s a dream that seems impossible. With time, everything comes together- you just gotta be patient.

Currently, I just want to inspire others to do what they love to do and not to get stuck in society’s way of thinking. You ain’t gotta work a 9-5 to be successful.

As for what’s next for me, I think I know but I don’t because anything can happen. I want to just keep hustling, continue diving into my passion and craft, and hopefully be a part of more tours.

Work hard, be patient, and never stop learning.

Check out more of Jordan’s work on his Instagram and give him a follow at @creativexperez.

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