As a young kid, I always had an interest in making things. I know that’s a super broad description, but no matter what it was, I loved the thought of bringing an idea to life.


HATSURGEON came about when I was in college; I remember seeing this post on Instagram of a hat that was taken apart and the brim was reconstructed with some kind of veg tan leather. It amazed me how it looked so different and exciting from anything else that was out there so I thought to myself, “Why can’t I do this, but maybe with other exotic leathers?” I love the thought of craftsmanship and the time it takes to perfect a task. After 3 years of creating custom hats, and now expanding into apparel, I can truly say I’ve learned so much about the details that make a product great and stand out.



In the grand scheme of things, I know making hats and customizing jerseys isn’t going to change the world. But I do want to show people that if you really have a dedication to something and are willing to work hard at whatever that craft may be, you can work for yourself. You make your own schedule. I’ve learned from this experience that if you have a great product, it speaks for itself. You don’t have to go out there and try to prove to people that it’s worth looking at. It’ll show itself and entice people to want to share it.



I’d say the biggest lesson I have learned from what I do, is to take that first step. So many of us say we want to do something and simply talk in circles about the idea with people, but how many of us actually just go for it? I just think that initial step is the hardest part to overcome. Instead of talking about what you want to do, you have to realize that only you have the power to put yourself out there and begin. It’s all an adventure from there.



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