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Welcome to the Garden Club Collection.

About 3 years ago, Brandon and Andy met up in my room where I shared my first ideas for Green Acre, and why I needed them to be a part of this with me.

We all went to high school together, but we all came from different upbringings and all had different skill sets, that if we put together, could create something amazing. We all had something different to share with the world. When 2016 came around, after more than a year of brainstorming and concepts, we launched Green Acre to the world.

Green Acre is legit the scariest thing I’ve ever done in my life. I invested a huge chunk of what I had saved up the past couple of years, and put it into this project and into the belief that our small team could create something that would make an impact. And you know… that whole thing of creating something that people actually want to buy with their own money. My anxiety levels that morning in June 2016 when I woke up and messaged our Green Acre group chat that we were really about to launch the brand to the public… holy shit.

Since that day, there’s been one constant: growth.

Since June 2016, we’ve added more amazing folks to our team, and have only continued to grow the Green Acre community. Instead of being scared before release dates now, I’m excited and so appreciative of everyone who’s been here along the way, who I know will be here every time new collections are released and really just believe in our vision.

Earlier this year, we hosted our very first Green Acre community event, Photo Walk 001, led by 3 amazing photographers: Alex, Chrystal, and Taylor. In 2016, I didn’t know a single one of these people. But today, they’re some of the most important faces in our Green Acre community, and I met all of them because of Green Acre. And there’s tons of other amazing folks I’ve met through Green Acre too, who’ve made huge impacts on the brand one way or another.

Green Acre has only continued to expand, which is why it was so important for this collection to be centered around the concept of growth and community. The world is your garden, and you need to take care of it in order for it to grow. You need to dedicate time and effort into your passions and what is important to you. And sometimes, you can’t do it alone.

Water throughout the day, and get plenty of sunlight. Welcome to the Garden Club.

– Victor

Thank you to family, friends and anyone else who’s supported us. Green Acre has been a place for professional and personal growth and I’m grateful for the team I work with along with the amazing individuals I’ve met through our community.

This journey started 3 years ago when I met up with Victor and Brandon and was introduced to streetwear. It was a culture I was unfamiliar with but I admired the creativity and purpose of the different brands. I think our most important goal is to create a brand, community, and platform that would bring individuals together from different walks of life. I’ve met artists, musicians, photographers, videographers and many more that have inspired myself and others to pursue anything we show an interest for.

Growth involves learning something new through self discovery, meeting individuals, and doing things that you’re not familiar or comfortable with. Leading up to our first launch, I took on tasks and responsibilities that I’ve never done before. But with the support of a team, the process of failing and learning was much more rewarding. Having a group of individuals who are supportive, understanding, and motivated makes learning a lot easier than tackling something new by yourself. I think Green Acre has grown to become a place where people can find their like minded individuals to pursue their passions with.

If you show any curiosity for something, I encourage you to reach out to others who have more experience than you in that subject. I promise you that you’ll find someone out there who’s passionate and excited to help you get started. There are individuals out there that are more than willing to share their experiences and knowledge with you, so don’t be afraid to ask questions and reach out to people you admire. Thank you again for joining this community and I hope you continue to grow with us.

– Andy

First and foremost, thank you to anybody that has ever bought a piece, came to the pop up shop or went to our very first photo walk. The community we have built is nothing short of amazing. I vividly remember the first time Victor sent me his Green Acre sprout drafts. To think this all started from a sketch. Green Acre has blossomed into something really special. Personally I’ve grown immensely after all the amazing individuals I have had the honor of getting to know.

The most important thing learned so far is that inspiration is all around you. My mind set was always to look up to financially successful people. From athletes to musicians, I thought having a lot of money is the only thing that defines success. Starting Green Acre has taught me that this is absolutely not true. Some of our storytellers make  little to no money and they put that money back into their craft. But as I was hearing their story I viewed them as successful which countered my beliefs. This is when I realized that being successful has nothing to do with money. Being successful is finding something you love doing.

This is as generic as can be but sometimes it is that simple; you just have to put yourself out there. One thing creating Green Acre has taught me is to take yourself out of your comfort zone. This was the the single hardest thing for me to do. I grew up as a homebody and I loved being by myself. Having to step out of the house and grabbing coffee with strangers has boosted my confidence and uncovered a new joy in my life. The beauty of hearing somebody’s story develops a new perspective in your life. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions when you hear somebody’s struggles and how they triumphed over them. You gain a new level of confidence but also humble yourself and realize your life is a blessing.

I look forward to continue learning and growing my life by simply getting to know somebody. The world is crazy enough so slow down and take the opportunity of hearing somebody’s story. I can promise you it will change your life.

– Brandon

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Giving Back

Green Acre is working together with local non-profit organizations that empower the youth in discovering their passions and creating lifelong memories.

A portion of all your purchases of Green Acre products will be donated to these organizations to help underprivileged youth create their own stories in life.


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