We’ve been working hard the last few months on this upcoming Green Acre drop.

This new collection is a culmination of everything we’ve learned from running Green Acre the past couple years. It’s a small collection of items, where we were able to spend more time and focus on each product. The Colorblock Sweaters are our first legit custom piece we’ve designed from scratch with manufacturers, and it’s cozy AF and perfect for the F/W season.

Building off the stripe tees we designed over the summer, we were able to work on a couple new patterns and created some even better ones for this collection. Working on these custom pieces was one of the most challenging projects we’ve ever done, and we learned so much from it. We decided to name the upcoming collection “Growing Pains” because of that.

And lastly, we wanted to introduce our first collaboration with Move Set Records. We’ve been able to work closely with Move Set Records on various projects in the past year, and it just felt organic to do this collaboration with them as we both have similar goals to bring folks together and building a strong community with what we do.

So excited to share the Growing Pains Collection, available now in our online shop.