We first reached out to EBAYC earlier this year in May, hoping to form a relationship where we could find a way to best help the youth of Oakland and within their organization.

In July, at our 1-year anniversary pop up, we were able to give EBAYC a space to table and spread awareness of their organization. During EBAYC’s annual gala in October, Alex, Green Acre’s photographer, was able to donate a handful of his prints and some of Green Acre’s products for an auction to raise money for the community.

And of course, with all of your contributions for supporting us, we’ve been able to donate to a couple of EBAYC’s campaigns to support their efforts in the past few months, as well as some of our products to their team and their youth. We’re going to continue doing as much as we can to help our community, and what we’ve done in these past few months with EBAYC is only the beginning.